A review of the Shopmium App.

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I was intrigued by a post regarding a new app called Shopmium, partly because it claimed to allow you to save money by shopping, and partly because it was offering free Ben and Jerry’s as a referral launch offer. And if there’s one thing your author loves it’s some ice cream…..

So I downloaded the app and signed up!

How does Shopmium work?

I’d describe it more to a free trial or “try something with a voucher” than a pure “save on shopping” app. Let me explain:

  1. On the app a variety of products are listed. These are accompanied by an offer for a discount or in some cases to try it for free!
  2. You purchase the product at full price at the supermarket.
  3. You then scan the barcode of the product to match it to the offer.
  4. Finally, you take a photo of your receipt to prove you’ve made the purchase.
  5. The money is put in your Shopmium account as cashback, and can subsequently be transferred to your bank account once you hit a threshold.

My experience of using Shopmium

Keen to give this a go, I sauntered off to Waitrose and got my Ben and Jerry’s. Hooray!

Then I got home, and tried to scan it. And it didn’t work….. Argh!

I don’t know if I was my somewhat older (I prefer to think of it as mature) phone or the app itself, but I just could not get the camera to focus on the barcode within the required box on the app. It felt like the round and curved nature of the ice cream carton was causing me the issues. I gave it about 10 minutes, and then gave up. D’oh! Not a good start. Unfortunately, there’s no way to manually enter a barcode. (Shopmium people if you’re reading this – please add this feature).

Determined but thirsty, I set off to Tesco to pick up a FuzeTea which was being offered for free. Acquired, scanned and….success! No a problem at all.

So rather a mixed bag trial run on the practical side.

My Review of Shopmium

I can see how you would save some money with this and I will keep it on my phone, however can only see myself using it to check if there’s something I’d like to try when going to the supermarket anyhow. The product selection was somewhat limited when I first started using it, but seems to have expanded quite a bit since.

I think the biggest barrier is that some products are unique to certain supermarkets – great if you happen to be going to Sainsbury’s if that’s what you want, but a saving of £1 on some yogurt is unlikely to be enough to get me to make a special trip.

If it grows and can expand it’s product offering substantially, there’s a lot of potential for this to be a really useful moneysaving tool – but it’s still very early days. It’ll either fly or burn, and is at least worth keeping an eye on.

2021 review on Shopmium

A year since I wrote this I have kept on using Shopmium and found the app has generally become a bit more expansive since I’ve first reviewed it. The selection of products can still be a bit limited, but I often do find something I’d like to try.

I haven’t had any further issues with barcode scanning, and have found that the move to payout tends to happen very quickly.

The app increasingly encourages you to use their Cashback feature when shopping online. Whilst I’d always recommend using Cashback I wouldn’t recommend this – in each case I’ve looked at I haven’t found it’s beaten the rates available on TopCashback, so I would use this instead and you can find further details on TopCashback here.

Shopmium Referral Sign Up Bonus

If you’d like to try Shopmium, you can sign up or download the app from the Shopmium website. If you can use referral code s32tu4, you’ll get a free can of Pringles (I’m afraid the Ben and Jerry’s offer I used have since finished).

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